Pat Prescott


Pat Prescott talks Speak Up Empowerment Foundation with Robbie Butler

The "Ms. Single Mom Empowerment Forum" is coming to the Long Beach Airport Marriott Grand Ballroom on April 21st. Register today for this FREE to Attend event - and come experience a day filled with remarkable speakers, breakfast, lunch, complimentary childcare, mentor matching opportunities,...
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The Top Million Reasons I'm Grateful To Live in LA!

Today my friends in New York City woke up to the unhappy news that on this 100th day of 2018--a day that should be bursting with spring daffodils--that it was going to snow. Again. OMG, are you kidding me? On this day last year in Manhattan, it was 74 degrees and Central Park was filled to the brim...
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Saints and Sinners

Interview: Saints and Sinners With Vanessa Bell Calloway and Keith Robinson!

We had a lively conversation in our Wave studios with actors Vanessa Bell Calloway and Keith Robinson, as they get ready for the premiere of Season Three of their hit TV drama” Saints and Sinners” on Bounce TV. They are streaming all episodes of the first two seasons this weekend on Bounce and on...
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Gino Vanelli Talks with Pat Prescott About His Upcoming Show At The Saban Theatre

Listen in as Pat Prescott talks with Gino Vanelli about traveling the world, performing live, and a brand new recording that will be released soon!
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Pat Prescott Talks 'Aladdin' With Michael James Scott

Michael James Scott brings a whole lot of star power to the role of the Genie.
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Pat Prescott Talks with Tracy Sanders, Author of Natural Hair In The Workplace: What Are Your Rights?

By Pat Prescott What would you do if you got fired from a job because of the way you wear your hair? It’s a problem that many women and men of color have to face when they chose to wear their hair in a natural style like an afro, braids or dreadlocks. Tracy Sanders knows all about it firsthand. As...
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Angela Robinson Visits Pat Prescott In The WAVE Studios!

By Pat Prescott If you are a fan of Tyler Perry’s The Haves and The Have Nots on the Oprah Winfrey network, then you probably know all about Angela Robinson, who plays the part of Veronica . You probably already love to hate her and Angela says you might even hate her more as the new season of the...
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Listen To Pat Prescotts Conversation with Daphne Maxwell Reid

By Pat Prescott I have wanted to meet Daphne Maxwell Reid for quite some time. You see, though we never met, we have an awful lot in common. We both have ties to the state of Virginia and we both attended Northwestern University in Illinois (Daphne was actually Northwestern’s first Black homecoming...
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Lydia Floyd, founder of Hands 4 Hope, Talks With Pat Prescott

Hands 4 Hope LA presents the 18th Annual Starlight serenade benefit concert this weekend.
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Goodwill SOLAC President and CEO Janet McCarthy Talks with Pat Prescott

Goodwill SOLAC President and CEO Janet McCarthy called into the studio to talk about helping the community.
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